Injection Preform Moulds
An aesthetically and economically perfect bottle can't be produced without using a high quality mould. Marmara Makina ve Kalıp is producing blow moulds in its facility in Istanbul Silivri since 1992. Our company's target is to supply the blow moulding industry with European quality moulds and to price them lower than the European mould manufacturers.

Multi or single cavity moulds up to 30 liters are being produced in our modern Silivri facility. The materials used in our moulds are high quality materials (Special alloy Aluminium or Steel) used in the world markets in the blow mould manufacturing.Latest CAD/CAM and DIGITZING systems are being used in our facility for mould design and manufacture. Combining these systems with our wide machine tool range and our experienced staff it is possible to finish a complicated mould very quickly in our facility.After the manufacturing of the mould is over, the possibility to produce sample bottles in order to check for customer requirements also exists in our facility.Our company also manufactures die -pins, blow-pins and extrusion heads to complement its blow mould production.

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